Glass Pool Fencing & Gates

Premium Colour Gates offer a full range of glass pool fencing including frameless glass pool fencing and semi-frameless glass pool fencing and gates in all metropolitan areas including Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah.

Glass is the ultimate solution in pool fencing, delivering an essential barrier and the safety of toughened glass while remaining almost invisible, allowing an uninterrupted view.

Glass barriers are a modern choice for pool fencing and gates. Our glass pool fencing is elegant, stylish and seamless, allowing you uninterrupted views of your pool and pool area, which maximizes the safety for your family, all premium colour gates glass are pool compliant to Australian safety standards, and all the stainless steel hardware is marine grade 316 stainless steel.

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Why do you Need Glass Pool Fencing?

Parents With Little Children and Pets
Why? If you’re a parent, then you’re worried about the safety of your children and pets. Losing a
child or pet to accidental drowning is a nightmare no one wants to deal with. And it’s a valid one
because according to Lawrie Lawrence (swimming coach), on average one child drowns in Australia each week. Click here to know more about why each week,on average one child drowns!

First Home Buyers

Why? As a first homebuyer you want to make the most of your new home. A stylish and
contemporary glass pool fence offers you a fantastic return on your investment in the years to

Retirees Who Want to Make the Most of Their “Golden Years”

Why? Many of our retiree couples are surprised by the affordability of our glass pool fences. 

High-Income Earners Who Appreciate Visual Appeal

Why? When you earn a good salary, having a great lifestyle is part and parcel of living well. Anyone serious enough about their lifestyle has their own pool. 

Get FREE temporary fencing ( Worth $500) for a period of time the pool does not meet fencing regulations. You’ll save hundreds of dollars in the process.Call us at: 08 9524 5160 to Know More!

Why You Need Enduroshield

Enduroshield is a non stick protective coating. By applying it to your glass pool fencing after Installation, your fencing will become resistant to dirt and grime. When Enduroshield has been applied to your glass pool fencing  you will reduce cleaning time by 90%.

Enduroshield is an Investment that pays for itself leaving you more time to enjoy outdoor fun by the pool.

Backed by a 10 year warranty giving you peace of mind.

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