What is the best fencing material for Perth’s climate?

What is the best fencing material for Perth’s climate?

Perth, one of the wettest areas in Australia has what is considered to be Mediterranean weather.
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing It has hot, sometimes humid, summers, and cold, wet winters. It experiences a lot of rainfall, but the temperatures don’t change so rapidly. This makes it a perfect climate for fence maintenance. But, what truly is the best fencing material for Perth’s climate?


The moment metals and alloys came into the picture, they became an instant hit. The first problem with metals was nature’s corroding power, especially during the wet winters. But as the technology matured, new ways and coats were developed to make the metal fences last longer. Not only were they sturdy and long-lasting, but the metal fences also gave a lovely aesthetic feel on Perth homes.

Now that alloys like aluminium and steel are widely available, they also dominate Perth homes’ fences. These new alloys have a much longer life against the wet winters and hot summers of Perth. Plus, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.

Steel and Glass

Steel and glass are relatively new materials for fences in Perth. Both require remarkably little maintenance, and cleaning needs nothing but soap and water. But the price difference is quite immense. Glass panels which have recently experienced a drastic drop in price are also quite favoured due to their aesthetic appeal.

Perth people are especially known for their affinities with fences. They genuinely take into consideration the landscaping of their house, and in turn, their lots are quite aesthetically pleasing. With a new range of materials available, and with Perth’s pleasant climate, more and more beautiful fences will be sprouting in no time.