How To Compliment Your Glass Pool Fencing

How To Compliment Your Glass Pool Fencing

All over Perthand Western Australiacustomers are enjoying the luxury and convenience of our glass pool fencing. As beautiful as it is, any pool area can benefit from the addition of accessories that will help soften the atmosphere and make it a place you’ll want to spend quality time in.

Here are a few ideas on some of the more common ways to turn your poolside patch into paradise:

Pool Fencing

Limitless Lighting Possibilities

Throw some light on the subject with in-pool lighting, spot lights, lights in pots or plants. Subtle lighting can add a warm glow to any space and allow you to enjoy the pool even after the sun goes down. Blue light matches the water in the pool and is also easier on the eyes than ordinary white light.

Plants and Greenery

Turn your pool area into a luscious, leafy sanctuary by combining small and large plants, grasses, pot plants and flowers. Use palms and exotic foliage to create focal points and shade around the outside of the pool, and remember to keep plants well away from the water’s edge.

Furnished in Style

You won’t spend all your time in the water, so make sure there are comfortable seats where you can dry off and soak up the sun. Reclining chairs and umbrellas provide relaxation and protection from ultraviolet rays, while tables give you somewhere to put your drinks, sun cream or reading material. Matching water-resistant pillows or cushions make a nice finishing touch.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Music to your Ears

Take your favourite tracks with you by adding hidden speakers behind bushes or inside empty plant pots. No need to worry about accidentally dropping expensive music players in the water.

Your pool can be more than a water feature. It’s an outside room, an extension of your home where friends and family can come together. Take some time to make it as comfortable and fashionable as the rest of your house to guarantee maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

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