Keeping your pet’s safe

Keeping your pet’s safe


In  Rockingham, Mandurah Baldivis and surrounding area’s

local authority Rangers recieve thousands of calls about stray dog’s each year, resulting in around 700 impoundments a year.

this could easily be avoided if all fences and gates were secure.

Ensure your pets have up-to-date identification in case they do escape , this will help to bring them home quickly and in good health.

animals can be distraught and disorientated after a storm, try and keep them calm and comforted during and after by establishing a aroutine.

Some dogs are experts at finding ways around barriers owners need to keep them safe and out of harms way.

For some dog’s it’s just a matter of building a fence high enough to keep from escaping, others however see the fence as little more than a challenge and try to find way’s above or under just for sport.

Examine your fence for any signs of weakness , cracks or holes you can call the experts at premium colour gates to come up with a solution for you.

Assess your gates to determine if it is easily opened by your dog. Some dogs have figured out how to open the latch or simply push the gate open, the gate should have a tight fit for best results. If the gate is causing the problem replace  a faulty latch with a lokk latch which is key lockable from both sides

for peace of mind and keeping your pet’s safe call the fencing and gates experts Premium colour gates servicing Rockingham, Mandurah and Baldivis.