New Options for New Pool Fencing in Perth

New Options for New Pool Fencing in Perth

Having a pool can be a lot of work, including keeping up with relevant regulations. The rules and regulations on fencing in a pool have changed once again. If you are looking to upgrade or add pool fencing in Perth, there is a variety of products available to fit every need.

Colorbond fencing and gates give the ultimate flexibility and privacy. A wide range of 14 natural and durable colours to match any home exterior are available. You can mix and match to customize each element of the construction to suit your tastes. Made of steel, Colorbond fencing and gates aren’t susceptible to the ravages of wind, rain, sun, fire or insects. This is an excellent low maintenance choice.

Another attractive option is slat fencing for those that need to keep unwanted visitors away from their pool but don’t want to block out the view of the landscape around them. Wood look slat fencing is complementary to any housing style, is available in many colours and gives a more open feel than solid fences. You can mix this style with solid fencing to open up endless possibilities.

When fencing an entire property, entry gates are required. Automatic sliding gates are the most convenient choice. For easy yet secure access, the newest available sliding gates have nearly silent operation. Quick to open and close, this type of gate won’t make you wait or get out of your car in the rain. They are available to match all types of fencing whether absolute privacy or a bit of a view is desired. There’s no need to program or diagnose problems with these gates. It’s all automatic.

There are even more designs to choose from. To view the entire selection of pool fencing in Perth or to get a free quote, check out Premium Colour Gates today.