Swimming pool safety for children

Swimming pool safety for children

All private swimming pools or spas that can hold a depth of 300mm or more must have safety barriers around them.

This law applies to pools and spas on private residential properties in all Australian states.

All pool safety fences must meet Australian standard AS1926 safety requirements with the local council.

Every Australian private residence thinking about putting in a pool or spa will need a building permit before putting a safety barrier in place.

Supervising toddlers is essential when playing around swimming pool areas, supervision is paramount to prevent accidental drowning.

pool fencing barriers are required around the following in-ground pools, above ground pools, indoor swimming pools, Jacuzi’s, hot tubs and spas.

When deciding on a safe pool fence consider the following the fence would need to be at least 1200 mm high, the gate would need to be child resistant

i.e self closing, self latching and the latch would need to be more than 1500mm high to stop toddlers opening it.

remember safety fences are only there as a barrier, to ensure your fencing remains operative.

keep the gate shut to ensure children can only get through when an adult is present.

any repairs or adjustments on latches  need to be maintained to ensure safety.

remove any  hazardous climbing items such as chairs, pot plants etc

ensure any floatation devices such as Inflatable vests, water wings, lifesaver rings conform to Australian standards.

also a first aid course would be advisable to assist in the event of an accident occurring.