Why choose Glass pool fencing?

Why choose Glass pool fencing?

Glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing

Why do so many people choose frameless glass pool fencing or semi frameless glass pool fencing  over the standard aluminium Tubular fencing?
the top Reason would be because it looks so stylish !

Some homeowners with small children shy away from it believing because it’s glass it has to be fragile.

That’s actually not the case, though as it’s made from tempered glass it is very hard to break.

The glass comes in 8, 10 and 12mm thicknesses and we recommend 12mm thick glass for pool fencing to avoid

virtually any possibility of breakage. 12mm glass is also the safest material you can use for pool fencing because

children can’t climb over the slippery glass.

Frameless glass fencing consists of a series of glass panels secured by specially designed spigots these are ground mounted

or Semi frameless fencing consists of glass panels seperated by posts which hold the glass panels in place.

Glass pool fencing is Ideal for coastal area’s like Rockingham, Baldivis and Perth, a number of homeowners in the surrounding area’s are favouring frameless

glass pool fencing and semi frameless glass pool fencing for that stylish aesthetic look.