Why have garden fencing?

Why have garden fencing ?

imageWhy should homeowners have fencing installed in their gardens?
most homeowners would not want to ruin the landscape of their gardens by inserting a fence either around or in the middle of it.

However most garden fences are installed for privacy reasons, especially where properties are close to each other, having a garden fence is the security a family needs from prying eyes like neighbours or strangers

garden fencing also offers protection from the weather especially in coastal areas , mornings can be very sunny and afternoons can bring in strong winds.

garden fences can be installed where it may be possible to block out the sun’s harmful ray’s and adjustments or alterations can be added to prevent howling winds.

Garden fencing also can enhance the aesthetics of a property by contrasting with aspects of the garden or property by the use of colour.

various materials can be selected, Colorbond, Aluminium slat or tubular to create the look that best suits the property.

A garden fence can change the look and feel of a property and will add value to the home.

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