Why should you choose Prem Gates for your Fencing needs?

Why should you choose Prem Gates for your Fencing needs?

At Prem Gates, all the raw materials and other supplier’s component are tested and are certified to Australian standards. Most of the suppliers here in Australia (mostly in DIY markets), claims their products comply with the standards but few have the certificates to back that up.

More and more councils are requiring these certificates before they will issue the permits as it is a little known part of the legislation. Some suppliers will use cheap/low quality glass that is as small as 8 mm thick on their semi frameless glass with gates that are 6mm thick.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Our semi frameless is 10mm thick with 8mm gate and our frameless is 12mm thick with 10mm gates. We work for Quality and Customer satisfaction.

At Prem Gates, we can get your Pool Fencing Permit, hassle free!  You want the privacy of a fenced in pool, but getting a pool fencing permit can be such a hassle that comes with a mountain of paperwork.
We take the hassle out of pool fencing permits! We are professionals and we expedite the process for you.

We also provide FREE temporary fencing for a month. Contact Us for an Obligation Free Quote.

We are based in 14 Jacquard Way, Port Kennedy 6172.

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