Pets and Fencing

Pets and Fencing

Having pets, is an extension of your family.

It is important to be a responsible pet owner, so you should ensure your pets are happy and healthy. It is essential that they are kept safe, having an appropriate fence is paramount to ensure your pet can’t get out and endanger themselves or your neighbours.

Pets and Fencing

One of the most important features in a good fence will be that it prevents your pets from getting out. If you own a large dog which can jump , a short rail fence may be all you need as long as the dog can’t squeeze between the rails, however if your dog can jump very high  you’ll need a significantly higher fence.




Plants and Fencing

We are often asked on colours for boundary fencing, here’s some points to consider when planning your boundary fence.The plants you choose for your garden will make a significant difference , having one colour fence running along the length of of your garden can be quite a boring feature. try some brightly coloured flowers planted in front of the fence orange, pink, yellow and blue will look great in front of a solid dark coloured fence, with the right use of plants your home fence can provide the perfect border for a stunning garden , so make sure you match the right plants with your fence. To make your garden look bigger choose a light colour, or neutral colour and add plants that contrast the fence.

The plants you choose for your garden will make a big difference to how much water you will need so the plants will thrive, make sure the plants you choose require minimal watering, choosing natives plants are  best as they are used to drought like conditions.

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