Swimming pool glass fencing can create new luxury

Swimming pool glass fencing can create new luxury

What does luxury mean to you? If you’ve got a swimming pool in your back yard, then you’re already enjoying a taste of the luxurious lifestyle. Imagine how much more lavish that pool area will look when it’s surrounded by the clean, crisp lines of a shimmering wall of glass.

Glass pool fencing represents the high-end design option that more and more Australian homeowners are after. Its sleek and chic appearance gives you something practical, something glamorous, and something your friends and neighbours will be envious of. Here are a few reasons why glass pool fencing is such a posh but affordable option:

  • It’s strong – toughened glass that’s almost half an inch thick can withstand all the comings and goings of the average family.
  • It’s durable – once installed your glass pool fence will last for many years, giving you a classy and robust enclosure unlike any other. It will never move or be shifted by wind, rain, or any other extreme weather conditions.
  • It’s practically invisible – glass is transparent, which means that while you’re in or out of the pool you have a clear view of everything around you. That’s perfect for keeping an eye on the kids and pets, or simply for admiring the rest of your property.
  • It’s extremely low maintenance – unlike other types of fencing, glass requires very little care. Wipe it down occasionally and you’re done. Glass resists everything nature throws at it, too, and won’t be affected by chemicals in the water. It will never fade, rust, discolour or need looking after, which makes it the ultimate care-free fencing material of all time.



Think about what it would cost you to install and maintain a timber fence. Imagine all those days spent sanding, cleaning, painting and staining, or replacing rotten or damaged sections. With glass panels, you’ll never have to worry about any of that. You’ll save yourself time, of course, but you’ll also save yourself a bucket full of money.

Glass fencing is one of the most aesthetic fence options. If you’ve ever seen a glass fence, then you know that it can make any space look luxurious. Whether it’s for a swimming pool, balcony, or landscape, a glass fence has a look and feel all its own. Just like any building material, it has its weaknesses and strengths that make it a good option for some homeowners, but not all.


While most of the glass fencing I’ve installed was used in commercial settings, I have been using it more and more in residential areas. Around swimming pools, decks, and even property boundaries, glass fence can contribute to a high-end design. Many people tout glass fencing as the ultimate fence material and here’s why:

  • Clarity. It won’t obstruct or detract from the area’s natural features. It allows homeowners to enjoy the view of a nearby beach or distant mountains.
  • Strength. In my experience, glass fence is one of the strongest materials for fencing, railing, and partitions. Tempered glass and its unbelievably strong fasteners ensure your fence stays put despite the elements.
  • Durability. Because glass fence takes the weather so well, it will last a lifetime even in extreme weather conditions. Aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel fastening systems ensure that fasteners won’t corrode from the weather.
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion. When conventional building materials around swimming pools are in constant contact with chlorinated pool chemicals, they quickly age and decay. Tempered glass and its stout metal fasteners resist chemical corrosion very well.