Premium Color Gates – One Stop Solution for your Fencing needs

Premium Color Gates – One Stop Solution for your Fencing needs

Premium Color Gates is a one-stop solution for all the fencing needs of the discerning home owner in Western Australia. By servicing this highly competitive market from their premises in Rockingham they provide expert high quality products built on a platform of excellent services, both before and after installation. Their teams of highly skilled installers ensure their clients a speedy and professional job at a competitive price.

Glass Pool Experts

Most of the Glass Fencing Experts in Perth offer a range of products suitable for every taste and application.
Colorbond Fencing Experts Perth install and design a wide range of fences and gates, pool fencing in 3 distinct styles, namely: frameless, semi-frameless and aluminium slat fencing for the pool area.

To supplement these products, the company carries a large inventory of hardware that both enhances and supports their product mix. The option to customize your specific needs is catered to by the team of highly trained staff members that will design the area required to suit your specific needs. Glass is currently the ultimate trend in pool fencing; it allows a safety barrier of toughened glass while not impairing the views to and from the pool area.


Colorbond Fencing Experts Perth

As a service, Colorbond Fencing Experts Perth design and install a range of aluminium tubular fencing and aluminium wood look or powder coated fencing and gates. All Colorbond fencing is available in a wide range of colours to suit the requirements of the individual home owner. This is used in conjunction with a product range called Aluminium Slat Fencing which eliminates costly maintenance and repairs. The wood look aluminium slat fencing and gates were designed to give the appearance of natural wood. The major difference is that this product is to a large degree maintenance free and also environmentally friendly. The product is further very durable, extremely strong and because it was designed for the harsh Australian climate, will last for many years. Colorbond steel used in the manufacture of this product is secure, strong and will add value to any property.

aluminium slat fencing

Mostly Automated Sliding Gates in Rockingham, markets a sliding gate that incorporates a range of technological advantages over existing products on the market. The product is equipped with the Mhouse ESCBus system. Features include a 23 sec opening and closing sequence, a quick motor release, auto programming, auto diagnostics, a control unit with integrated receiver upgradeable and back-up battery that will allow 10 openings and closings.

Aluminium is worldwide the preferred material with homeowners who want a long lasting finish that is virtually maintenance free but at the same time allow them to customize their environment to suit their lifestyle.

So, if you require a one-stop solution to your needs, look no further than Premium Color Gates and let their professional design staff create your dream entertainment area.