Stunning & contemporary custom solutions in glass pool fencing

Stunning & contemporary custom solutions in glass pool fencing

Choosing the best glass pool fencing is easy as long as you get the proper support and advice from a professional. Giving how important this decision is, you should only go for the market leader for Glass Pool Fencing Experts in Perth in the Western Australian home improvement market for the past 15 years when it comes to creating the stunning frameless pool fencing system. You can tell an expert in the industry by the fact that it makes use of the proven Aluminium Slat Fencing concept in conjunction with using tough, impact resistant glass panels that meet all standards with regards to pool safety and at the same time comply with all codes required for local installation practices.

Glass Pool Fencing Experts Perth

Perth regulations imply that all glass panels should be labelled and be clearly marked as safety glass and/or toughened glass. The regulations further stated that glass used both inside and outside the pool area is at least 12mm thick to ensure protection for users. The posts that should be used are Aluminium Slat Fencing manufactured from either heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel or aluminium. Both these products have the advantages of not being subject to rust and discoloration.  Standards are governed by Australian system and have been certified as such by Automated Sliding Gates in Rockingham.

Colorbond Fencing Experts Perth have a product that incorporates a frameless glass pool fencing concept that gives the home owner the benefit of no barriers to his surroundings, while at the same time allows maximum protection as well as providing a barrier against wind and noise.  The seamless design used by some colorbond fencing experts Perth will therefore allow a view without impairing the safety aspect. This system looks both in line with the latest trends of understated luxury and creates and ambiance to the pool area.

The semi-frameless pool fencing is the alternative method used by the colorbond fencing experts Perth. The benefit of semi-frameless system is to offer clients some extra assurance by having some elegant posts giving structural support to the fencing. Unlike the old method of using wood, concrete or aluminium slat fencing to design your pool fencing this method eliminates to a large extend costly maintenance issues. All the posts using during the erection process is either base mounted or core drilled to ensure a secure and safe mount, while at the same time blend into the environment the setting of your entertainment area. Thus provide you with posts that don’t require paint or repair.

When planning your new addition Glass Pool Fencing Experts Perth will assist you in planning the look of your area, keeping in mind the height of the panels, thickness of glass and most importantly the colour of the posts.

To assist you in making and planning this enhancement to your pool area, you can use the fencing visualiser to conceptualize the different colours available or contact the professional staff Automated Sliding Gates Rockingham of your choice for a free no-obligation quote.