Top 4 customer ideas for their glass pool fences in 2013

Top 4 customer ideas for their glass pool fences in 2013

Separating the pool area using a fence is important both for safety reasons and privacy concerns. Here are some of the best customer ideas for glass pool fences as collected by Glass Pool Fencing Experts Perth.

Using cialis online cheap colorbond steel to provide beautiful yet ample security to the pool areabright-idea

Colorbond fencing experts Perth are seeing an increase in the number of clients who are interested in maintaining the security of their pools. These clients want fences that will keep uninvited people out while still providing beauty to the pool area. Colorbond steel is the best solution for such purposes. Its advantages are its strength, durability, easiness to maintain, and it comes with a 10 year warranty from BlueScope Steel. Colorbond steel comes in a wide range of paint colors for the fencing to ensure the overall theme and décor of the house.

Using aluminium slat fencing to ensure that the view of the pool from the house is maintained. A swimming pool is a beautiful area to look at. This is why many clients are opting for this very stylish alternative to wood fencing that is more durable and much easier to maintain. Aluminium slat fencing provides security while ensuring that you can view the pool area which guarantees that the wonderful view remains unobstructed. The aluminium slats used can be painted in colors that match the décor of your home’s exterior. Furthermore, clients report that when aluminium slat fencing is painted it retains the paint for much longer than normal wood would.

Hide your installed fence with planted trees and shrubs. Clients who prefer to have their pool area looking all natural can have trees planted to obscure the fencing that they have used. Glass Pool fencing experts Perth are able to paint the fence in earthy powder coats to maximize the effect created by the shrubbery and trees that have been planted. If you use aluminium slat fencing it will completely blend into the background that you have created.

Modern pool fences by combining low walls with slat fencing.

A modern trend in pool fencing is the creation of modern walls that combine low brick walls with aluminium slat fencing. This creates a very modern looking pool fence that is also quite strong. Glass Pool fencing experts Perth provide a wide variety of slat designs such as gothic, nautical and traditional to ensure that each fence is unique in design.

You can make variations to these ideas to enhance the overall appeal; for example you can add a façade to the low fence wall.Just make sure you are in love with the style you choose because good fences are forever.