Glass Pool Fencing in Perth – Types of Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing in Perth – Types of Glass Pool Fencing

One of the most important additions to any backyard or public pool is Swimming Pool Fencing. Pool Fencing has become extremely popular through the years, especially in Perth. Not only does it add a bit of character to your pool setting, it also may prevent many accidents, such as a stray animal that might get near your pool, or it may even prevent a child who has been left unattended from entering the pool area.

A very popular type of Pool Fencing in Perth is Glass Pool Fencing. Some of the other types of Pool Fencing you might want to consider are Colorbond Fencing And Gates, Sliding Gates, and Slat Fencing. There are also many custom options that you could consider as well. Your design possibilities are endless.

Pool fencing in Perth, Australia is very common. There are many different options to choose from. Whether you prefer Sliding Gates, Slat Fencing, or Colorbond Fencing And Gates, Perth is the best place to find them.
You can use any search engine online to find a location which is nearest to you.

Whether you are looking for aesthetic appeal, or to use your pool fencing as a safety precaution, it’s always a good idea to shop around and find the type of fencing that best suits your needs. Before you go to the store you will want to have an idea of what you are looking for, an idea of budget, and some knowledge of the different types of fencing. You will also want to find a salesperson who is extremely knowledgeable and can help you find the ideal type of fencing for your pool.

Once you have your fence installed you will be amazed at how great you pool setting will look. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your pets, as well as your little ones are safe at all times.

Pool Fencing Installation and Process

Pool Fencing Installation and Process

The perfect way to add style and colour to any environment while keeping such environment safe is by adding a fence or a safety gate. At Premium Colour Gates that is what we do. Colorbond fencing and gates is one of the specialties we delight our customers as we strive to create that unique environment which will provide many years of enjoyment.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fencing in Perth will enhance safety of the pool area as it will prevent ankle biters from entering the pool unannounced, ensuring that they will be Apples. Sliding gates are also a great addition to any pool area being built as nothing is more important than bather safety. We’re local, with over 15 years of experience all over Perth.

Having slat fencing will add personality to gardens and pool areas. Slat fencing also creates a shaded area for those hot Australian days. Sliding gates will help save lives and make the pool area look stylish. You’re dealing with the factory so our prices are below those of pool supply wholesalers. We fabricate, supply and install any type of pool fencing in Perth along with a wide choice of sliding gates to choose from.

Colorbond fencing and gates are made from materials that will last a long time, in all elements of Western Australian weather. You have a choice of 14 Colorbond colours. It is easy to maintain and it will not rot. We’ll design the specific type of fencing or gate to suit your specifications. Our customer service is second to none as we establish relationships based on customer needs and budget.

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Aluminium Tubular Pool Fencing Designs from Premium Colour Gates

Aluminium Tubular Pool Fencing Designs from Prem Gates

Any person that owns a pool will want to ensure that the area is secured and that it also looks attractive. It is vitally important that all pool owners make use of gates and fences in order to keep outsiders out and to ensure that your investment is protected. In the process you also want to be certain that you choose a fence type that will make your pool look great.
There are several fence types that you can choose to add to your home. The most popular and stylistic fences you can elect to add to your home are glass pool fencing, aluminium tubular pool fencing, or aluminium tubular pool fencing. You may also be interested in adding automatic sliding gates to the fence you choose to install in your home.

Aluminium Tubular Pool Fencing

Aluminium pool fencing is by and far one of the most relied on fence types that residents choose to install around their pools. These types of fences are built with durability in mind. They are made of strong elements to ensure that they can withstand damage and to ensure that they remain attractive regardless of the basic wear and tear they may endure.
This type of fencing can be found in a variety of colours. This will allow you to easily match the fencing up with the general décor of your home or pool area.
Prem Gates is one of the leading service providers you can turn to in order to acquire aluminium pool fencing, glass pool fencing, or aluminium tubular fencing. They also specialize in automatic sliding gates.
Making your pool safe and attractive is easy with the proven and professional services of Prem Gates. We can assist you in choosing the perfect fence for your pool and can do so at a price you can easily afford. They are truly the best option for pool fencing in Australia.

How To Compliment Your Glass Pool Fencing

How To Compliment Your Glass Pool Fencing

All over Perthand Western Australiacustomers are enjoying the luxury and convenience of our glass pool fencing. As beautiful as it is, any pool area can benefit from the addition of accessories that will help soften the atmosphere and make it a place you’ll want to spend quality time in.

Here are a few ideas on some of the more common ways to turn your poolside patch into paradise:

Pool Fencing

Limitless Lighting Possibilities

Throw some light on the subject with in-pool lighting, spot lights, lights in pots or plants. Subtle lighting can add a warm glow to any space and allow you to enjoy the pool even after the sun goes down. Blue light matches the water in the pool and is also easier on the eyes than ordinary white light.

Plants and Greenery

Turn your pool area into a luscious, leafy sanctuary by combining small and large plants, grasses, pot plants and flowers. Use palms and exotic foliage to create focal points and shade around the outside of the pool, and remember to keep plants well away from the water’s edge.

Furnished in Style

You won’t spend all your time in the water, so make sure there are comfortable seats where you can dry off and soak up the sun. Reclining chairs and umbrellas provide relaxation and protection from ultraviolet rays, while tables give you somewhere to put your drinks, sun cream or reading material. Matching water-resistant pillows or cushions make a nice finishing touch.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Music to your Ears

Take your favourite tracks with you by adding hidden speakers behind bushes or inside empty plant pots. No need to worry about accidentally dropping expensive music players in the water.

Your pool can be more than a water feature. It’s an outside room, an extension of your home where friends and family can come together. Take some time to make it as comfortable and fashionable as the rest of your house to guarantee maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

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Why You Need Fencing Experts To Ensure Safety For Your Kids Pets

Why You Need Fencing Experts To Ensure Safety For Your Kids Pets

When it comes to pools and glass pool fencing of the frameless or semi-frameless variety, safety is paramount. No one wants to have to live through the nightmare of a drowning accident that happens in their own back yard. With the proper guidance and expertise you can avoid situations like that and enjoy your pool in the best possible way.


Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing experts won’t take chances with your family’s safety. It’s their job to install your fencing to the highest standards that meet all the relevant criteria, using materials manufactured to rigorous industry standards. Here are a few reasons why their input is so invaluable:

1. They know the rules – any company that installs glass pool fencing for a living will be aware of the relevant local rules and regulations. They’ll work within those guidelines to make sure your fencing meets or exceeds legal requirements.

2. They understand safety issues – professional installers work with safety in mind on a regular basis, day in and day out. It’s a big part of their job and one of the main reasons why they’re allowed to undertake these types of work in the first place. Put your trust in them and let them do what they’re good at.

3. They have the tools and equipment – pool fencing includes safety glass that protects your family, shields them from the wind and prevents little ones from falling in by accident. It also incorporates gates that shut to keep unwanted pets or small children out of harm’s way, and sturdy posts guaranteed to keep glass panels from moving.

Your local pool fencing specialists in the Rockingham area will be able to advise you on the best fencing that suits your needs, helping you tick all the safety boxes to ensure you and your family get to enjoy your pool in peace and total security.


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing



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Is Your Glass Pool Fencing Expert Using The Best Quality Glass

Is Your Glass Pool Fencing Expert Using The Best Quality Glass

As you probably know, if you’ve got a pool it needs to be fenced in. Recent changes in legislation have reinforced the need for pool areas to provide adequate levels of protection, particularly in relation to children. Unless you can prove your pool meets strict criteria, it won’t be certified for use.

Glass pool fencing provides the ideal solution, giving the protection you need while forming a near-invisible barrier that lets in light and provides uninterrupted views of your surroundings. But, the truth is, not all types of glass are up to scratch or fit for the job.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing


Glass used in swimming pool fences – whether that’s frameless glass pool fencing or the semi-frameless option – has to be strong enough to resist bumps and scrapes and should be constructed to strict Australian safety standards. It needs to be made from toughened glass to ensure it offers the right level of protection to small children and pets and anyone else who runs the risk of accidental submersion.

How you can find out if your glass pool fencing expert is using the quality of glass required to do the job? Here’s what you need to look for:

1. Glass should be labelled as safety glass and/or toughened glass to comply withPerth legislation.

2. Frameless Glass should be a minimum of 12mm thick to provide adequate protection inside and outside the pool. Fence posts and accessories should be constructed from heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel and or aluminium to discourage rust and discolouration.

3. Premium Colour Gates accessories and components are certified to Australian standards AS1926.1 Safety barriers for pools

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

At Premium Colour Gates, all our glass meets or exceeds local and national safety standards. We wouldn’t use anything else, and we wouldn’t expect you to settle for anything less. Speak to a member of our professional, friendly team for more information about our range of services and products.

Laws For Fencing For Pools And Spas In Western Australia

Laws For Fencing For Pools And Spas In Western Australia

It’s estimated that one child dies from a swimming pool related incident every week in Australia. That’s one of the main reasons why government legislation on pool fencing is so strictly enforced. Before you decide to pop a pool in your back yard, make sure you understand just how serious the rules and regulations really are


Glass Pool Fencing & Gates

Pool Fencing is Mandatory

In Perth, every swimming pool must have a fence around it. It’s the law, so if you ever hope to make the best use of your pool you have no choice but to comply. If you choose not to comply, you can expect the authorities to come down hard and make your life a living hell.

Pools Must Be Certified

Your pool area must be checked and certified by members of the local council before it can be used. Part of that certification process includes ensuring the pool has adequate fencing to prevent accidents and keep children or pets from falling in. Temporary fencing worth $500 can be installed for free by Premium Gates.

Pool Fencing & Gates

Sliding Gates are Taboo

Sliding gates used to be permitted until recent changes in the law banned them. Gates must swing open away from the pool, while windows and doors must be closed and unable to be used as entrances or exits from the water.

Your pool can be a paradise, a place of luxury where you can escape from all your cares and worries. Make it a safe haven for all the family by observing all the rules and following the guidelines to the letter. Your local glass pool fencing installers will be fully up-to-date on all the current legislation issues and will be able to offer professional advice on the best way to protect your loved ones.

Why glass pool fences are better than other pool fencing products?

Why glass pool fences are better than other pool fencing products?

You might think that any old fence around your pool will do the job and keep things under control. The truth, however, is that when it comes to pool fencing, there’s nothing quite as versatile or sexy as glass. Here are 4 good reasons why frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing is taking Western Australia by storm:

1. Strength and Durability
Glass panels are made of 10mm or 12mm toughened glass to the highest Australian standards, strong enough to stand up to the bumps and bruises of the average family. Frameless panels are secured to the floor with sturdy steel blocks, while their semi-frameless counterparts are connected by vertical posts to give added peace of mind to those who need it.

2. Uninterrupted Views
Glass is transparent, so even with the semi-frameless panels in place you’re able to enjoy near seamless views of your surroundings. Glass provides an almost invisible barrier that’s perfect for keeping an eye on things inside and outside the pool, the ultimate in luxury and convenience all rolled into one.

3. Low Maintenance
Typically glass pool fencing requires zero maintenance, as the occasional wipe down will be enough to keep it looking clean and in pristine condition. Unlike other types of fencing, glass will never discolour, rust, rot, fade, or need painting, sanding, scraping or staining, leaving you free to simply enjoy it in the knowledge that it will always look as good as the day it was installed.

4. Style and Elegance
Nothing looks quite as cool and chic as a sleek wall of shimmering glass surrounding your pool. Clean lines help keep the pool area well defined yet someone still blend in perfectly with its surroundings, speaking volumes about the class and sophistication of its owner. Glass pool fencing is the bee’s knees in pool enclosures, and since you have to have one, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for the best.

Can the glass material in glass pool fences cause accidents?

Can the glass material in glass pool fences cause accidents?

If you’ve never had a glass pool fence installed, you might be a little bit wary. After all, under certain conditions, glass can be a reasonably dangerous substance. The question is: how safe is it when employed as a barrier in a pool fence? Are there any concerns you should be aware of before opting to have glass pool fencing installed?

Glass Pool Fencing & Gates

Remember first of all that your glass pool fencing installation company are experts – they know everything there is to know about the products and their reliability. Don’t be afraid to ask questions until you get all the answers you need to make up your mind one way or the other.

You should be aware of the following facts, however, which might help you understand the nature of glass panels in more detail. The glass used in glass pool fencing:

  • Is made from toughened glass manufactured to strict Australian safety standards
  • Is firmly anchored in the ground using steel supports
  • Semi-frameless panels employ vertical posts for increased stability and steel hinges for areas where posts are inappropriate
  • Panels are 10mm or 12mm thick, which equates to nearly half an inch of solid glass, strong enough to stand up to occasional bumps and accidental damage
  • Once in place glass panels will not move or change their shape, meaning they’ll always stay upright and do their job

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Children especially can easily get carried away, but they’re just as likely to bang their knees on the side of the pool as they are to knock into the glass panels. The best way to avoid turning fun times into bad times is to be as careful as you would with any other type of structure – but the glass in itself should not pose any unnecessary risks to you or your family.

Swimming pool glass fencing can create new luxury

Swimming pool glass fencing can create new luxury

What does luxury mean to you? If you’ve got a swimming pool in your back yard, then you’re already enjoying a taste of the luxurious lifestyle. Imagine how much more lavish that pool area will look when it’s surrounded by the clean, crisp lines of a shimmering wall of glass.

Glass pool fencing represents the high-end design option that more and more Australian homeowners are after. Its sleek and chic appearance gives you something practical, something glamorous, and something your friends and neighbours will be envious of. Here are a few reasons why glass pool fencing is such a posh but affordable option:

  • It’s strong – toughened glass that’s almost half an inch thick can withstand all the comings and goings of the average family.
  • It’s durable – once installed your glass pool fence will last for many years, giving you a classy and robust enclosure unlike any other. It will never move or be shifted by wind, rain, or any other extreme weather conditions.
  • It’s practically invisible – glass is transparent, which means that while you’re in or out of the pool you have a clear view of everything around you. That’s perfect for keeping an eye on the kids and pets, or simply for admiring the rest of your property.
  • It’s extremely low maintenance – unlike other types of fencing, glass requires very little care. Wipe it down occasionally and you’re done. Glass resists everything nature throws at it, too, and won’t be affected by chemicals in the water. It will never fade, rust, discolour or need looking after, which makes it the ultimate care-free fencing material of all time.



Think about what it would cost you to install and maintain a timber fence. Imagine all those days spent sanding, cleaning, painting and staining, or replacing rotten or damaged sections. With glass panels, you’ll never have to worry about any of that. You’ll save yourself time, of course, but you’ll also save yourself a bucket full of money.

Glass fencing is one of the most aesthetic fence options. If you’ve ever seen a glass fence, then you know that it can make any space look luxurious. Whether it’s for a swimming pool, balcony, or landscape, a glass fence has a look and feel all its own. Just like any building material, it has its weaknesses and strengths that make it a good option for some homeowners, but not all.


While most of the glass fencing I’ve installed was used in commercial settings, I have been using it more and more in residential areas. Around swimming pools, decks, and even property boundaries, glass fence can contribute to a high-end design. Many people tout glass fencing as the ultimate fence material and here’s why:

  • Clarity. It won’t obstruct or detract from the area’s natural features. It allows homeowners to enjoy the view of a nearby beach or distant mountains.
  • Strength. In my experience, glass fence is one of the strongest materials for fencing, railing, and partitions. Tempered glass and its unbelievably strong fasteners ensure your fence stays put despite the elements.
  • Durability. Because glass fence takes the weather so well, it will last a lifetime even in extreme weather conditions. Aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel fastening systems ensure that fasteners won’t corrode from the weather.
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion. When conventional building materials around swimming pools are in constant contact with chlorinated pool chemicals, they quickly age and decay. Tempered glass and its stout metal fasteners resist chemical corrosion very well.