Choosing the right gate for your home

Choosing the right gate for your home

image_004The main reason home owners are looking for a gate, is for protection and security for their properties.

Side access Gates

Gates for the sides of the property can be as robust and sturdy as in the standard colorbond , or a more aesthetic option such as aluminium slats that won’t rust or warp.

or even an aluminium tubular gate  where you can see through perhaps for a dog to keep watch  or letting the breeze through.

Adding  security features such as a lockable latch, will allow access, but with the added protection  giving the homeowner peace of mind.

Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are no longer just thought of for commercial or industrial buildings, they are becoming very popular with homeowners,

especially homeowners who want extra security, upgrading to an automatic gate would also add value to the home.

Remote operated driveway  gates are a good option for homeowners especially for homeowners with young families and the husband works away for weeks at a time

also homeowners  who live  on a rural property or a busy road this can be potentially hazardous at night

having  access directly from the car without having to get out to open the gate keeps the homeowner safe.

The added security the gates provide far  outweigh the cost, making them a sound investment.

Swimming pool safety for children

Swimming pool safety for children

All private swimming pools or spas that can hold a depth of 300mm or more must have safety barriers around them.

This law applies to pools and spas on private residential properties in all Australian states.

All pool safety fences must meet Australian standard AS1926 safety requirements with the local council.

Every Australian private residence thinking about putting in a pool or spa will need a building permit before putting a safety barrier in place.

Supervising toddlers is essential when playing around swimming pool areas, supervision is paramount to prevent accidental drowning.

pool fencing barriers are required around the following in-ground pools, above ground pools, indoor swimming pools, Jacuzi’s, hot tubs and spas.

When deciding on a safe pool fence consider the following the fence would need to be at least 1200 mm high, the gate would need to be child resistant

i.e self closing, self latching and the latch would need to be more than 1500mm high to stop toddlers opening it.

remember safety fences are only there as a barrier, to ensure your fencing remains operative.

keep the gate shut to ensure children can only get through when an adult is present.

any repairs or adjustments on latches  need to be maintained to ensure safety.

remove any  hazardous climbing items such as chairs, pot plants etc

ensure any floatation devices such as Inflatable vests, water wings, lifesaver rings conform to Australian standards.

also a first aid course would be advisable to assist in the event of an accident occurring.

Buying from a glass pool fencing specialist

buying from a glass pool fencing specialist

PremGates new logo for SensisAt Premium Colour Gates we understand every customer is different and has specific individual  needs for completing their outdoor project.

We understand that no two projects are the same, when dealing with frameless and semi frameless glass pool fencing,

Premium colour Gates offer complete solutions for every back yard application.

When buying from a pool fencing specialist like Premium Colour Gates you can be sure of a solid industry background offering precise advice on

Australian standard compliance issues and the finest qulaity products to complete the project.

people often make mistakes by buying cheap products that have not passed the stringent Australian tests for pool fences, thus putting families safety at risk.

Our goals at Premium colour gates are to offer free advice to customers to ensure compliance and safety are paramount when erecting glass pool fencing.

consider the following when selecting the best glass pool fencing specialist

the level of customer service provided

the indepth knowledge on the product

complete plan of the fence

customized raked panels if required

maintenance of the product

high standard workmanship

If all of the above points are Essential to you, then speak to the experts at Premium Colour Gates for a free quote

after sales service

D.I.Y Glass pool fencing

D.I.Y Glass pool fencing

tglassIf it’s time to upgrade your current pool fencing to a safe and secure glass pool fence then D.I.Y could be the option for you

So you know exactly what you need for your project, and you want to do the Installation yourself

In that case we will be more than happy to supply you with everything you need such as frameless and semi frameless glass, spigots, posts, Gates and Hardware right down to the bags of  fixing grout.

Whilst safety is a big concern for most people, be re-assured all our glass is safety toughened and is certified with  Australian safety standards

whether you are a homeowner looking to make sure your garden is a  safe enviroment for children, or a commercial company seeking strict compliance standards you will find Premium Colour gates products  ideal

we understand our customers are looking to get the best deal possible, therefore all our products are competively priced

stunning glass pool fences available now ! D.I.Y – easy to install

Quality Balustrading Products Perth

Quality Balustrading Products Perth

At Premium Colour gates we install a wide range of quality  balustrading products for Perth balconies and staircases.

We have the expertise and tools needed to to install your balustrade, staircase and glass pool fencing on time and within budget.

Our glass balustrade systems are custom made to suit your exact requirements in Perth.

Our balustrade products are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel marine grade 316, they not only serve as a safety aspect

but also add aesthetic value to your home .

choose from frameless glass, semi frameless, aluminium or steel or a mix of products depending on your project.

call us today to discuss your requirements, our team of friendly  consultants can be visited at our Port Kennedy showroom for product and design solutions.

Keeping your pet’s safe

Keeping your pet’s safe


In  Rockingham, Mandurah Baldivis and surrounding area’s

local authority Rangers recieve thousands of calls about stray dog’s each year, resulting in around 700 impoundments a year.

this could easily be avoided if all fences and gates were secure.

Ensure your pets have up-to-date identification in case they do escape , this will help to bring them home quickly and in good health.

animals can be distraught and disorientated after a storm, try and keep them calm and comforted during and after by establishing a aroutine.

Some dogs are experts at finding ways around barriers owners need to keep them safe and out of harms way.

For some dog’s it’s just a matter of building a fence high enough to keep from escaping, others however see the fence as little more than a challenge and try to find way’s above or under just for sport.

Examine your fence for any signs of weakness , cracks or holes you can call the experts at premium colour gates to come up with a solution for you.

Assess your gates to determine if it is easily opened by your dog. Some dogs have figured out how to open the latch or simply push the gate open, the gate should have a tight fit for best results. If the gate is causing the problem replace  a faulty latch with a lokk latch which is key lockable from both sides

for peace of mind and keeping your pet’s safe call the fencing and gates experts Premium colour gates servicing Rockingham, Mandurah and Baldivis.

Welcome to Premium Colour Gates

Premium Colour Gates specialise in custom fabrication and installation of gates and fencing for every application in WA. With over 15 years experience, we pride ourselves in offering outstanding products and service, using only the best materials available to manufacure your gates and fences.

Based in Port Kennedy, we are available to supply all kinds of pool fencing including glass pool fencing, Colorbond fencing, aluminium pool fencing, slat fencing, automatic sliding gates and gates hardware in all areas in Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah in Western Australia. We offer complete and Innovative outdoor solutions for relaxing outdoors and improving the look and adding value to the home. We understand working closely with every client to create the perfect outdoor retreat our aim is for our customers to be delighted and assured of great results through superior customer service.

Our materials are finished to the highest standard including toughened safety glass, marine grade stainless steel spigots, latches and hinges.